Aligning Expectations Moving Foward

neuroThings are moving forward at a furious pace in the Aligning Expectations project! Our visiting research fellow Pia Kuhlmann has done an amazing job recording surgical consultations this summer, and we now have over 50 surgical consultations recorded and transcribed, as well as surveys of the participating clinicians and parents after the consultations. This body of work constitutes the pre-intervention data that we are using to inform our training workshops for the surgeons and other surgical staff, and that we will use to compare with recordings that are obtained after the workshops (the post-intervention data).

We have also been busy this summer planning our training workshop. We held several high-powered planning meetings attended by study leadership, project champions (both surgeons and nurse practitioners), IPEP Family Faculty, BCH Family Advisory Committee reps, and IPEP’s Performing Arts Consultant. We are honing both our learning objectives and workshop design, and we finalized our Pilot workshop date: Monday September 19, 2016. Currently, teams of project staff are working on both the clinical and background elements of the case scenario that will be used by the actors during the realistic enactment for the workshop. We are excited to be creating a brand new workshop to meet the needs of the Aligning Expectations project!

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