Aligning Expectations Rolls Out Workshop to BCH Department of Urology

5thingsAfter successfully piloting the Aligning Expectations workshop last month, project staff and faculty were excited to present the refined version of the workshop to the surgeons and nurse practitioners of the Department of Urology at BCH. On Wednesday evening, November 2 at 5:30 pm, 10 surgeons and 2 nurse practitioners grabbed their boxed dinners and joined the workshop faculty for the two-hour educational event. The workshop went beautifully, and participants were enthusiastic in their participation with all elements of the workshop, from didactic pieces, to group discussions, to enactments.

A review of the workshop evaluations reflected the enthusiasm felt in the room by staff and participants. For example, when asked about what was the most valuable thing they learned, one participant wrote “(learning about) the great variability in parent/patient understanding of consent process.” Another remarked, “How uncertain/anxious families are.”

When asked what they might do differently in a future surgical encounter based on today’s session, several participants indicated that they would give more time to the surgical consent process, and many participants said they would use of drawings. These responses represent key learning objectives for the workshop. In addition, when asked for workshop suggestions, several participants indicated that they would have liked the workshop to be longer, an exciting prospect for all involved.

Aligning Expectations staff will present the next workshop to the Department of General Surgery on the morning of Wednesday, November 23.

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