A Bittersweet Farewell to IPEP’s Interns

As another semester passes, we bid a bittersweet farewell to our amazing interns, many of whom are graduating from their respective programs at Simmons College and Northeastern University, or continuing their education in fields related to public health and research. We are grateful for their diligence and hard work on their Institute related projects throughout the year. These projects and initiatives have greatly benefited from our interns’ contributions. Projects on which the interns contributed included the Aligning Expectations During Surgical Consent, Advancing Relational Learning Worldwide, Disclosure and Apology after Medical Error, and Patient Centered Anesthesia Informed Consent projects.

Each of the interns brought their unique background, skills, and knowledge to their roles within these projects and initiatives, enhancing each project’s continued success. As we bid this cohort of interns farewell, we wish them nothing but the best of luck and success in their future endeavors. Thus far, these endeavors include:

-Taking a position at our partner institution SIMPeds
-Potentially taking a position at a public health research facility in Australia focused on Aboriginal health.
-Continuing their education into graduate school with the intention of becoming a Child Life Specialist
-Accepting a position within the Harvard Public Health research branch
-Continuing their education into medical school
-And continuing their degree in Public Health to later receive a degree to become a Physician Assistant from Northeastern University.

IPEP has developed a unique, interprofessional method of teaching the intricacies and nuances of holding difficult conversations among clinicians, families and patients. We can say with pride that our interns have brought this concept to life right here in the office, contributing their unique perspectives, ideas, and collaborations with our team as a whole. In effect, we’ve learned as much from them as they have from us. We hope you’ll join us in congratulating our intern cohort on their hard work and dedication, their graduation into their new chapters in life, and thanking them for their contributions to IPEP’s initiatives.

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