IPEP Represented at the International Conference on Physician Health: Increasing Joy in Medicine

IPEP Represented at the International Conference on Physician Health: Increasing Joy in Medicine

The International Conference on Physician Health (ICPH): Increasing Joy in Medicine is a collaborative conference of the American Medical Association (AMA), Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and British Medical Association (BMA). Held every other year, the conference was in Boston on September 18 – 20, 2016.

Highlights on our involvement included:
Elizabeth A. Rider, MSW, MD presented an oral, “Fostering Caring Organizational Cultures: Faculty Education Fellowship in Medical Humanism and Professionalism” on the Faculty Education Fellowship. The presentation, coauthored with Dr. William Branch, Jr. of Emory University School of Medicine, discussed faculty development aimed at creating more humanistic organizational cultures and learning environments by training faculty members committed to humanistic values.

Elizabeth also presented three collaborative posters including:

1. “How Do Clinicians Manage Emotions During Difficult Healthcare Conversations? Implications for Training” [LINK: see Donna for copy]with IPEP faculty and associates Donna Luff, PhD, Kelsey Mills, Elliott B. Martin Jr., M., Natalia M. Mazzola, Dipl-Kffr, and Elaine C. Meyer, PhD, RN.

2.”Humanizing Medicine through Attention to Values: A Framework for Implementation”
on the International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare, with which IPEP is a Partner. International co-authors included: Elizabeth A. Rider, MSW, MD, Suzanne Kurtz, PhD, Diana Slade, PhD, William T. Branch, Jr., MD, E. Angela Chan, PhD, RN, H. Esterbrook Longmaid, III, MD, Dorothy Jones, BMBS, Dip RACOG, Phillip Della, RN, PhD, FACN, Roger Dunston, PhD, Jack Pun Kwok Hung, BSc (Hons), MA, and Christian MIM Matthiessen, PhD.

3. “”It Sustains Me”: How Physicians Draw Satisfaction and Overcome Barriers in their Practices” with Amy Weil, MD, Lars Osterberg, MD, and William T. Branch, Jr, MD.

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