Anne R. Hansen, MD, MPH

Faculty Associate

HansenAnne became involved in the PERCS-NICU course in 2005 after attending a pediatric PERCS workshop as a neonatologist and recognizing the need for a more sub-specialized course.  After participating in the development of the PERCS-NICU scenario and teaching material, she has continued as a physician facilitator for the course ever since.

“Because of the acuity and complexity of the babies referred to the Children’s Hospital NICU, delivering difficult news in a compassionate fashion is a critical part of the care we offer families.  Therefore, my work with families in the NICU and my work with PERCS dovetail; each informs the other.”

Anne is the Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital and is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.  She conducts clinical and epidemiologic research on a variety of common neonatal medical conditions with a focus on neurologic and respiratory conditions.  She collaborates with bio-engineers to produce innovative new biomedical devices.  She is also involved in global newborn medicine programs, focusing on Rwanda.  Anne is the co-editor of three textbooks: The Manual of Neonatal Surgical Intensive Care (1st and 2nd editions), The Manual of Neonatal Mock Codes and The Manual of Neonatal Care (7th edition).