Robert C. Pascucci, MD

Faculty Associate & Technical Director

PascucciRBob was one of the founding members of the PERCS program, and has been active in scenario development, technical advice, actor training, teaching and facilitation.  His many years of practice in critical care have provided generous opportunities to observe and lead difficult conversations with patients, families, and staff.

“I celebrate the opportunity to develop the abilities of staff through our PERCS/IPEP training programs, and I look forward to continually learning more about how we can develop and nurture trusting relationships with patients, families, and colleagues.”

Bob is a Senior Associate in Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor in Anesthesia (Pediatrics) at Harvard Medical School.  He received his medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. and was a resident in Pediatrics at New England Medical Center, as well as a resident in Anesthesia at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  Following the conclusion of his residency, Bob went on to complete fellowships in Pediatric Anesthesia and Intensive Care at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  He is board certified in Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, and Pediatric Critical Care.  His primary clinical and teaching responsibilities are within the intensive care units at Children’s Hospital and at Boston Medical Center, as well as in the operating rooms at Children’s Hospital and its Waltham and Lexington satellites.  Bob is a principal instructor for the Children’s Hospital PALS program and he is responsible for regular monthly teaching conferences in airway management and in mortality review.  He is also on the faculty of the Children’s Hospital Simulator Program, and he has worked to integrate the IPEP and Simulator Program educational offerings, developing “hybrid” training courses which combine actor interaction with conventional mannikin-based medical simulation.