Robert J. Graham, MD

Faculty Associate

GrahamRRob assumed a leadership role for the PERCS Critical Care workshop this year and is helping to develop a three-year, rotating curriculum for fellowship trainees, nurses, and other staff.  Along with our parent-faculty, Rob has created a workshop based upon the special healthcare needs of a boy with cerebral palsy in the ICU.

“I appreciate the vital role played by the PERCS approach to medical education and I am thrilled to join the IPEP faculty. My research with families of children with special healthcare needs suggested a need for improved communication around their unique needs, thus I thought PERCS was the perfect venue to improve care.”

Rob is an associate in the Division of Critical Care Medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston.  He is the director of resident and medical student education for the division.  In addition to his clinical work in the intensive care setting, he is interested in improving the care for children and families living with chronic illness, disabilities, and technology dependence.  Rob developed the Critical Care, Anesthesia,and Perioperative Extension (CAPE) and Home Ventilation Program, which provides home-visits, care coordination, and consultation for children with chronic respiratory insufficiency and other complex special heathcare needs.

Rob’s health services research focuses on the interface between critical care services and children with technology dependence and chronic disabilities. Through systematic needs assessment, subsequent clinical interventions and program development, he foresees the extension of critical care services beyond the confines of intensive care units to optimize outcomes, quality of care, and resource utilization for these children and families.  His resume includes over twenty original articles, chapters, commentaries, and other publications