Sarah Brand, PhD

Faculty Associate

Sarah Brand Staff I.D.

Sarah Brand is a clinical psychologist in the Division of Pediatric Psychosocial Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and an instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. For the last four years Sarah has provided clinical services to pediatric oncology patients and their families. Sarah’s research focuses on enhancing and improving care of pediatric cancer patients and the families through the adaptations of interventions developed to meet the unique needs of these patients, parents/caregivers, and providers.

“Communication is the most common ‘procedure’ in medicine, yet it is a skill that is rarely taught. When done well, communication can facilitate healing and improve patient outcomes. My research focuses on how to best facilitate communication between pediatric patients, families, and providers, and I could not be more thrilled to be receiving mentorship from Dr. Meyer and the IPEP faculty.”

Sarah will be working with IPEP faculty on several ongoing research projects over the next two years. In addition, she will bring her experience as a pediatric psychologist to the IPEP workshops as a facilitator.