Stephen D. Brown, MD

Faculty Associate


Steve has teamed with IPEP to develop two programs: PERCS:Difficult Prenatal Conversations and PERCS-Radiology. PERCS-Difficult Prenatal Conversations is a video-based program designed to enhance prenatal healthcare providers’ understanding of how ethical values are embedded in the communication process, and to increase providers’ comfort with communicating difficult information to patients. PERCS-Radiology is a full-day communication workshop whose objectives are to enhance radiologists’ comfort with and preparedness for communicating with patients about bad news, medical errors, and radiation risks.

“My hope is that this educational tool will help not only to train prenatal providers and referring physicians to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues in difficult circumstances, but also to facilitate consensus on best practices where possible, and to optimize amicable negotiation of differences where consensus cannot be achieved.”

Steve is an Assistant Professor of Radiology, and practices pediatric and obstetrical imaging. He completed a residency in Diagnostic Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and fellowships in Pediatric Radiology and Pediatric Interventional Radiology at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Steve completed the 2003-2004 Fellowship in Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School. He is a longstanding member of the Children’s Hospital Ethics Advisory Committee and an Associate Ethicist in the Hospital’s Office of Ethics. He is Chair of the Professionalism Committee of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), and a member of the RSNA Patient-Centered Radiology Steering Committee.

Steve received a 2006 Children’s Hospital Faculty Career Development Award, and he was named an Eleanor and Miles Shore 50th Anniversary Scholar in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He is the inaugural recipient of the American Roentgen Ray Society Leonard Berlin Scholarship in Medical Professionalism, and a recipient of grants from the Kornfeld Program in Bioethics and Patient Care, the Greenwall Foundation, and the Harvard University Milton Fund. Steve received a 2011 RSNA Education Scholar Award, and a 2014 Boston Children’s Hospital Academy Medical Educator Award for Innovative Scholarship in Medical Education.