OnLine Learning

Online learning gives individual clinicians from all over the world the opportunity to learn about the concepts and approaches to having difficult medical conversations.  Our online courses are developed and produced by our expert faculty and use a variety of teaching methods including didactic learning, case re-enactments, and video presentations.  Additional online courses and pathways will be added in the coming year.

Disclosure and Apology in Health Care

Speaking with patients or their families after a medical error or an adverse medical event is one of the most difficult conversations a clinician can have. Yet most clinicians have little or no training in how to prepare for and conduct these conversations. This Disclosure and Apology course offers providers the tools, skills, and practice needed to conduct these difficult conversations with confidence and compassion. The aim of this course is to help clinicians prepare and practice for disclosure and apology, and to seek appropriate support for these challenging conversations. Course Fee: Individual (with Risk Management Continuing Education credits) $150 for the full 3-part course / Individual (without Continuing Education credits):  free.  This course is accessed via the OPENPediatrics platform.   Learn More.

Learn techniques and approaches needed to successfully communicate and align surgical and post-operative expectations with the patient and family.  Aligning provider and patient-family expectations during surgical consent is not just a legal process.  Misaligned expectations between patients, families, and providers can lead to frustration, anger, and potentially to litigation.  This pre-operative encounter is particularly challenging for surgeons, who often have limited time to establish relationships and trust with patients and families. This course is accessed via the OPENPediatrics platform.  Learn More.