Projects & Publications

The IPEP leadership team and IPEP faculty are involved in a wide range of research projects aimed at documenting the qualitative and quantitative impact of our work.  These research efforts have led to several recent publications which, along with case commentaries and papers that outline our pedagogical approach to relational learning, are listed below.

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Recent Institute Publications

For a complete list of references of the Institute’s key publications, as well as those of the Institute’s Leadership, see here.

Institute Projects

Advancing Relational Learning Worldwide

Advancing Relational Learning Worldwide is an exciting new, online venture for IPEP.  This project is a collaboration between our Institute and OPENPediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital. OPENPediatrics (OP) is a free, open access learning platform that is working to create a global community of practitioners who can exchange ideas and best practices, regardless of resources, to improve pediatric care across the world.  The aim of our collaboration is to develop curricula to enhance communication and relationships skills in healthcare worldwide. For more information regarding this project, visit here.

For more information on OPENPediatrics, please click here to visit their website.

Aligning Family-Team Expectations During Surgical Consent

Aligning Family-Team Expectations During Surgical Consent is a new project for IPEP that focuses on helping surgeons improve their communication and relational skills during the surgical informed consent process. With funding from the Controlled Risk Insurance Company (CRICO) through their Patient Safety Risk Management Grants Program, this project is built on the pedagogy and foundation of IPEP’s Program to Enhance Relational and Communication Skills (PERCS). For more information, see here.