Serena Hadsell

Member of the Family Advisory Council since: 2014

Experience/Areas of Interest: ICU, ECMO, outpatient cardiology, high reliability.

Serena is the mother of two children, Julia and Sebastian. In late 2013, her daughter, then nearly four years old, was transferred to Boston Children’s MSICU, where her breathing difficulties from RSV required advanced intervention. She spent six days on ECMO; the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenator takes over the function of the heart and lungs while the body heals.

Julia is followed in outpatient cardiology and Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program. In her professional life, Serena’s career as a dance/movement therapist has focused on emotional expression and the creative process. She has treated people dealing with mental health issues across the lifespan from preschoolers to the elderly. She has also been involved in the education of dance/movement therapy students as a clinical mentor and adjunct faculty.

Serena joined the Family Advisory Council in 2014, and has worked on the High Reliability Initiative, an effort to eliminate preventable harm to patients and employees. She seeks to bring to light the emotional needs of patients and families. She feels immense gratitude for the expertise and care Boston Children’s offers. On the weekends, Serena can be found walking in the woods with her husband and children, listening to the woodpeckers and enjoying the stream near her house.