Adena Cohen-Bearak, MEd, MPH

Project Manager

Adena Cohen-Bearak is a Master’s-level public health researcher with over fourteen years of experience coordinating research projects, conducting program evaluations, and specializing in qualitative research, with an additional thirteen years’ experience working in health education.

For the first half of her career, Adena worked in the field of health education, teaching sex ed to kids, training family planning counselors, coordinating a city-wide family planning training program (Action for Boston Community Development), and creating curricula and on-line health content for new media (Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunication and Management Sciences for Health).

After receiving her MPH in 1999, she shifted her focus to public health research. Since then, she has worked on several research projects, including: a qualitative evaluation of The School Health Index, designed to help schools improve nutrition and physical activity in students; a quantitative study testing a novel telephone-based approach to improving hypertension in low-income African American adults; and a 3-phase project on improving end-of-life care for children who die in the pediatric ICU. At Harvard Catalyst/Harvard Medical School, Adena worked on a wide variety of population health issues from childhood obesity to Hepatitis C. Most recently at IPEP she managed a research project entitled “Aligning Family-Team Expectations During Surgical Consent” at IPEP, and currently she is working on literature reviews, fundraising, and new projects.


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