Other Types Of Playgrounds

Other than the normal playground for kids there are two more types of playgrounds.


  • Natural Playground: Natural Playgrounds are playing areas that generally blend into nature. It has various environmental aspects to it within the boundaries of the playground. These playgrounds include environmental art, shrubs, trees, flowers, rock boundaries, sand heaps, wooden fences, and sometimes natural water sources as well. These can help the child connect to nature. For example, Germany has water-based playgrounds for kids and Estonia has a playground that has a Wooden Castle in Rakvere.


  • Adult Playground: Adult Playground is a new type of playground that is mainly seen in a few places in Europe and China. These playgrounds are typically designed for adults and not for kids. These playgrounds generally have fitness equipment for adults like chin-up bars and paddles. There are playgrounds for the elderly people as well which are usually small areas with benches where people can sit and talk without the feeling of being judged. They also have adult entertainment equipment that helps in strengthening their muscles and improves their balance. For example, there is an adult Playground in Yorkshire known as the Shaw Park that is made for adults and has adult fitness equipment.


Injuries Prevention Methods


One of the main factors of focus while making a playground is to reduce the risk of injuries. Playgrounds that have equipment that is at a high or is made for climbing have cushion pads so that if the child falls the impact is very less. They also make the fall height very less so kids can land on their feet and not fall. They install various equipment that uses flexible surfaces around playing equipment to prevent the risk of injuries.


Final Words


Playgrounds not only allow a child to go around and play but it also gives them a safe environment where they can enjoy and learn a lot. They can get the chance to unleash their creativity and imagination and also make their own small decisions. This allows them to keep a close watch on their children and gives them the chance to go out of the house and talk to their friends. A Playground is like a stepping stone for kids where they can make new friends and also run around which can help them in having a healthier life and better-developed brain and bones.